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Foot Injuries

The Foot Institute

Angelo Morreale, DPM

Podiatrist & Foot Surgeon located in Shreveport, LA & Natchitoches, LA

Northwest Louisiana is a great place to enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle — that is, until you face a foot injury. At The Foot Institute, practice founder and lead podiatrist Angelo Morreale, DPM, offers easy access to state-of-the-art foot care so you can get back to the activities you enjoy fast. At his two convenient locations in Shreveport and Natchitoches, Louisiana, Dr. Morreale treats fractures, sprains, tendinitis, and other accident- and sports-related injuries. Call the office nearest you or use the online scheduler to set up your appointment.

Foot Injuries Q & A

What are the most common foot injuries?

Foot injuries often occur during sports and outdoor pursuits like hiking, football, and water skiing. You can get hurt in your own home, out shopping, at work, or in many other ways. Some of the most common foot injuries are:


A sprain affects one of the ligaments that connect your foot bones. Ankle sprains are common, but you can also sprain any of the 30-plus ligaments in the foot. 

Sprains occur when you stretch a ligament too much; rolling your foot is a common example. The severity of a sprain ranges from mild to severe, based on whether the ligament is actually torn. Sprains cause pain, swelling, and bruising.


Tendinitis is inflammation in one of your foot tendons. The most common site for tendinitis is the ankle (Achilles tendinitis), but it can also affect tendons in the front and top of your foot. Tendinitis causes pain, which may feel like burning. 


Bone fractures are cracks or breaks in any of your foot bones. Fractures occur most often in the toes but can also affect other bones in your foot. A bone fracture ranges from mild to serious, depending on the degree of misalignment in the involved bones. 

Fractures can happen as a result of collisions and trauma, but they often occur due to repetitive impact. Stress fractures are tiny cracks that may affect athletes like runners and basketball players.

Whether you injured your foot while being active or you simply made a misstep at home, The Foot Institute can help you plan your recovery.

What should I do when I injure my foot?

If you injure your foot, quit whatever you're doing and elevate your foot to just above your heart level. This temporarily slows blood flow to your injury and can alleviate swelling. Apply ice packs in short intervals to reduce pain and further diminish swelling. 

Don't put any pressure on your injured foot. Call the office nearest you to let the team know you're injured, and they can book the earliest possible appointment for you. 

How are foot injuries treated?

At The Foot Institute, Dr. Morreale prescribes customized foot pain treatment that restores your mobility as quickly as possible. Your treatment may include: 

  • Bandaging, taping, splinting, or bracing
  • Oral anti-inflammatory medication
  • Topical ointments or creams
  • Custom orthotics
  • Physical therapy
  • Strength and flexibility exercises
  • Steroid injections

Dr. Morreale also recommends activity modification based on your needs and goals. He works with you to get you back to even better than before, as fast as possible. 

Call The Foot Institute or click on the online booking tool to arrange your appointment.